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Curriculum Impact

By the time a child leaves Asquith the impact of the curriculum they have experienced will be such that...


...they are capable of reflection and analysis.

...they are able to confront moral and ethical questions.

...they can think logistically and solve problems systematically.

...they have good decision making skills.

...they make good progress from their starting points.

...they take pride in their work and always strive to do their best.

...they demonstrate effort in their work and a positive attitude to learning.

...they have a strong sense of identity and positive self-esteem.

...they are able to work well with others.

...they have a variety of interests and are curious about the world around them.

...they show respect to all those they come into contact with.

...they are truthful and show empathy to others.

...they are able to take on responsibilities and act responsibly.

...they have a deep curiosity about different people and cultures.

...they are able to form and maintain positive friendships.

...they can distinguish between right and wrong and understand how their behaviour affects others.


...they are respectful, responsible, determined, understanding, cooperative and honest.