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Many of our families tend to stay in the local area to live and work. This means, for many children, that their knowledge of the wider world is limited and they are less exposed to a wide-ranging diversity of culture and belief. We know this impacts on their vocabulary, imagination, understanding and appreciation of the world around them. 55% of children at Asquith live in areas that are among the 10% with the highest levels of income deprivation affecting children in England with 77% living in the 30% of areas with the highest levels of income deprivation affecting children. As a consequence many of our children are unable to access experiences that can inform, inspire and motivate them.

Our curriculum includes a wide range of purposeful and planned experiences, in school and out, that are an integral part of the curriculum including; lessons, topic days, outdoor learning, clubs, sports, trips and visits, workshops and residentials, fundraising and community work. Outcomes are designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum but also to develop the skills needed for future learning and beyond.