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Week 2 - Superheroes! Take a look!

The winning rockets of our junk modelling challenge

Bears Winner
Lions Winner - am
Lions Winner - pm
Tigers Winner

Here are all the rockets that entered our junk modelling challenge. Well done, we think they are all fantastic! Take a look...

Blast off!

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Week two of minibeasts and other fun things our nursery children have been doing at home.

Here are some more photographs of your nursery friends working on their booklets and having a lovely time with their families!

The children in Nursery have been working hard on their minibeast workbooks and they have been having lots of fun at home.

The children in nursery have been having lots of fun at home. They have been playing in the garden, chalking pictures, painting rainbows, feeding the ducks and lots more. Take a look, can you spot your friends?

The teachers in Nursery have received some lovely thank you messages from some of the children in Nursery.

More thank you messages

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More thank you messages

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Tractor Winners!

Winning tractor from Bears (am) group
Winning tractor from Lions (am) group
Winning tractor from Lions (pm) group
Winning tractor from Tigers (am) group

Here are all the tractors that entered our junk modelling challenge. Well done, we think they are all fantastic! Take a look…

Our friends in Nursery have had another busy week. Have a look at all the exciting things they’ve been doing at home.

Spring workbook – Week 2 Have a look at some of the work your friends have been doing this week. They have also been very busy doing lots of other fun and exciting things at home with their families too! Take a look…

Spring workbook activities – Week 1

Here’s some of the fun and exciting things some of your friends in Nursery have been doing over Easter including: making bug hotels, gardening, having picnics and egg rolling competitions. Can you spot your friends?

Fred Talk Games

Fred Talk!

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'Sounding out' is a very important skill that children need to be able to read and write. We call it 'Fred Talk' at school because we use 'Fred the Frog' to help us. Playing 'Fred Games' is a great way to practice this skill throughout the day at home.
Here is a clip of Mrs Denton and her daughter playing 'Fred's Wardrobe' but you can change it to Fred's birthday/ breakfast etc or anything you like really - you just have to talk in sounds! Have fun!

NURSERY WEEK 2 ACTIVITY PHOTOS - The nursery children have been doing lots of exciting things at home again this week. We’ve had photographs of dressing up, painting faces and children jumping on the trampoline with their grown ups. Also check out the fantastic Easter bonnets someone from morning nursery sent to us, they’re amazing!

NURSERY WEEK 2 WORK PHOTOS - Here’s some of the home learning the nursery children have been doing at home this week. Well done Nursery!

NURSERY WEEK 1 ACTIVITY PHOTOS - Thank you to all of the children and families that have sent photographs/videos of all of the fun activities you’ve been doing at home during your first week. We’ve had videos and photographs of children celebrating birthdays, making bracelets, planting in the garden, drawing rainbows to stick in windows, baking bread, playing football and even washing the pots. Someone in morning nursery (with a little help from his Daddy) even made a big play house out of cardboard boxes! It looks like you’ve all had lots of fun and have been very busy.

NURSERY WEEK 1 WORK PHOTOS - We would like to say a big thank you to all the children that have sent us photographs of their daily activities they have completed. Keep up the good work! From Miss Clark, Miss Smyth & Miss Bowler

For our fantastic finish, all of the children in Nursery had their face painted as a jungle animal and we acted out the ‘Walking through the jungle’ story.

We celebrated Pancake day in Nursery.

For our stunning start to our ‘Walking through the jungle’ topic, we followed the clues to find our book. We also found lots of jungle animals along the way, including a snake who was hiding our book!

We celebrated Chinese New Year last week in Nursery. It was the year of the rat. We made Chinese lanterns, tasted some Chinese food and paraded around Nursery as a Chinese dragon.

Here are some photos from our visit to the post office from before Christmas. We posted letters to Santa.

These are some photos from when we went on a bear hunt

For our fantastic finish for our 'Out of this world' we had our own alien tea party. All children and staff came to Nursery dressed as an alien