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Lower Key Stage 2 (Year 3 and Year 4)

4B's visit to Brackenhurst Education Centre. We learnt about WWII Evacuees. We discovered that children were sent to the countryside from the large cities and what happened to them when they arrived, the types of people they stayed with, the things they would have done. We also learnt about food production, visited an Anderson shelter, orienteered our way around the site to identify wartime aircraft, and tried on lots of WWII clothing and looked at items of interest that they would have used at the time. Some great photos to see. A huge THANK YOU must go to Susie from Sherwood Forest Trust who supported us to go on this and many other trips to Brackenhurst as part of their Heritage Lottery project.

Professional photographs of our Year 4 trip to the library in June and do not forget to take a look over the summer at the exhibition - you may find your own work in the Gallery in Mansfield Library!

Some year 4 children visits Brackenhurst Education Centre in Southwell on Wednesday. We had an amazing day, learning about the WWII Royal Engineers soldiers who were responsible for stopping the Germans from advancing at the end of the war. We tried on uniforms and talked about soldiers equipment. We then went into the woods to take part in survival technics, we made a den, put up hammocks and then learnt about how to create fire. We also talekd about how dangerous this is and how we need to be aware of the responsibility of learning about fire, to keep our communities safe.

Some Year 4 children visited Mansfield Library yesterday - to work with Artist Pete Gray and author Alice Harman. They created a full page spread of pictures and writing that will go towards a summer exhibition. Some children's photos may also be used in the exhibition. The children learnt all about Summer Reading Challenge.

Linney visit class 3/4K to bring donated books on World Book Day

Music Tuition

If your child is interested in learning how to play an instrument then please follow the link for more information from our music providers

Greenwood Partnership came into School on 28th February to work with all the children in year 3 and 4. They learnt about the Stone Age landscape, animals and how stone age man used trees to make their houses. All the children had a go at weaving sticks into a stone age house structure, some children added clay to theirs to show how wattle and daub would have been used to make the houses weather proof. They all went outside to look at a house made by the Greenwood team, which showed how a roof would have kept out the rain. Thank you so much to Nic and Lynn from Greenwood Partnership for their support to help our learning come alive in year 3 and 4

4T enjoyed a FREE morning or afternoon at the Woodland Adventure Zone at Portland College on Tuesday 10th March. They all had chance to take part in den building and rock climbing. What a great opportunity. Thank you to Portland staff for supporting us. We hope 3/4S and 3G have a great time when they go too!

'Children really enjoyed their visitor, a local bee keeper. Children learnt all about pollinators and the importance of these insects to our lives.'

The Magical Christmas Jigsaw - A stunning performance from Year 3/4, all the children worked so hard and the results were amazing. Well Done!

Y3/4 pupils worked with Greenwood Trust at NCC and MDC parks department - planting a community orchard and edible hedge at Jackson Park.

MUSIC - Pupils enjoyed learning to play percussion instruments, the Bongo and Djembe and they then performed what they had learnt to the rest of pupils in KS2

YEAR 3 TOPIC WEEK - REMEMBRANCE ACTIVITIES - We looked at WWII artefacts and built model air raid shelters


WORLD WAR II WORKSHOP PHOTOS - Life in an air raid shelter and 'Blitz and Pieces' artefacts