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The Full Shebang Workshops - while year 6 where on transition, Year 5 children enjoyed a circus workshop! They got to spin plates, balance a feather (harder than it looks), spin hoops and have a go with a diablos (much harder than it looks!). Great fun was had by all. There was also an assembly for the whole school. This was to promote the Full Shebang on the 7th Sept and the Mini Shebang Workshops through August in the Four Seasons Centre! Check out the What's On section of the school website for more information.

Mr Gregory and his class took a walk to the Museum on 11th March to take part in a workshop run by Sherwood Observatory volunteers. Sherwood Observatory is having major building works to create meeting and activity spaces and also a Planitarium, so we learnt all about their building works as well as a talk about the solar system, how big the planets are and how far away from each other, their surfaces and atmospheres, plus using a infrared camera and controling a Mars robot. Great morning and we didnt get wet either!

History Hook Day


Our History topic for the autumn term is 'The Invaders'. We will be specifically focusing on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We started our learning by looking at when and why the invaders came to Britain. This involved exploring atlases and maps, before moving on to use non-fiction books to broaden our knowledge. In the afternoon, we took part in a workshop lead by a local expert. We had a great time and gained a lot of knowledge from the day. 


Look out for photos from the day, once all photo permission forms have been returned to school. 

Class 5/6A Finished Art work!