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Thursday 25th May

Keswick – Day 4 
Rise and shine! An early start was needed today as we had a boat to catch. This meant making our lunch for the day, before enjoying breakfast, applying suncream and hurrying down to the launch for a ride on Derwentwater Lake. The weather was great, the lake was so calm that the reflections of the mountains could be seen on the water - no body  got wet at all and Sponge Bob Square Pants even put in an appearance on the boat!  Once the boat had docked on the launch, everyone came off the boat with a smile on their face and headed to the shade for a drink.
We then began our walk for the day, setting off up the hill through the forest the blue sky could be seen through the tree canopy and as the trees cleared the beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains could be seen.  As we reached the top of the hill - we walked through a field where we saw lambs feeding and a couple of helicopters flying over.


We stopped for lunch at the stone circle and everyone enjoyed relaxing on the grass- Mr Barber even took his walking boots off!  Many of us could have stayed there relaxing for the rest of the afternoon.  After lunch we began our walk back towards Keswick, walking down and under the main road into Keswick and then along the old railway track.

We all started to think about our meal out and started freshening up ready for the evening, we watched the first part of a film and then it was time to leave to have dinner at The Old Keswickian.  Everyone enjoyed their meal of Sausage/burger/chicken nuggets/fish and chips along with a drink of ribena or orange.  Due to the fabulous behaviour of the children in the restaurant  after leaving we went to visit Fitz park for the very last time.


Returning to base everyone was quick to get changed into their pyjama's and enjoy the second part of the film, followed by their supper.


During the day, once again a number of members of the public complimented the children on their behaviour and manners .- we are so proud of you all.