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Our history topic in the summer term is 'Ancient Egypt'. To start it off, we had a workshop from an archaeologist where we learned how to excavate artefacts and what life would have been like in Ancient Egypt.

Our Spring 1 book blanket. Comfy clothes, blankets, soft toys and stories. What could be better?!

Our Spring Term topic is Italy. We have started it off by learning about the Romans. We learned why they came to Britain and the legacy they left behind. We had a workshop from the University of Nottingham where we were able to become archaeologists!

To complete our topic on Mining, we held an exhibition of all our history work. We did a presentation for our parents & carers. We showed off the work in our book, photos of our learning and some artefacts we used.

As part of our new science topic on plants, we welcomed Andy Hollis from Sherwood Forest Trust and did a bit of speed planting! Andy bought acorns from Sherwood Forest, he explained why oak trees are so important to wildlife in our country as they support so many species of insects and other creatures. He took 10 trays of acorns back with him to the Sherwood Seed Bank, where they will be grown on into young trees.

As part of our topic on mining, we had the opportunity to visit the National Coal Mining Museum. It was so amazing to actually go underground and see what it would have really been like for the miners. We also looked around the museum and saw some pit ponies.

In November, we had out first 'staycation' of the year. We set up tents to sleep at school! We had pizza, played games, watched a film and toasted marshmallows around the fire pit.

Our first book blanket of the year! We love reading and our book blankets give us chance to share our favourite books with our friends and discover new books we would like to read.

Our first science topic is forces. We spent a lesson exploring how magnets work. We learned about the poles on a magnet and the key words 'attract' and 'repel'.

We have been fortunate enough to borrow an artefact box from Bilsthorpe Museum. Below are some of our Y3 children examining the items and thinking carefully about what they might have been used for.

We had a visit from some ex-miners from Bilsthorpe Museum who showed us some of the equipment they used and talked about their experiences working in a coal mine. It was very exciting!

School Year 


The Magic Box- Anning Class

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D&T project: Designing and creating pavilions

Celebrating the Coronation

Celebrating our successful play performance!

We learnt that the area surrounding our school can be located on a map

Our Y3 children are becoming experts using the Rekenrek equipment

Scan this QR code with your camera to see all the images the children took on our walk to Mansfield