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Celebration of our learning

School Year 


We have been fortunate enough to borrow an artefact box from Bilsthorpe Museum. Below are some of our Y3 children examining the items and thinking carefully about what they might have been used for.

We had a visit from some ex-miners from Bilsthorpe Museum who showed us some of the equipment they used and talked about their experiences working in a coal mine. It was very exciting!

School Year 


The Magic Box- Anning Class

Uploaded by Asquith Primary on 2023-07-13.

D&T project: Designing and creating pavilions

Celebrating the Coronation

Celebrating our successful play performance!

We learnt that the area surrounding our school can be located on a map

Our Y3 children are becoming experts using the Rekenrek equipment

Scan this QR code with your camera to see all the images the children took on our walk to Mansfield