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Key Stage 2

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Jess French

PROTECT THE PLANET with Jess French Learn all about how to be an earth warrior! Jess French, author of £1 book Protect the Planet, shares tips on easy everyday changes so that you too can can help protect the planet. Listen to why ‘kindness is key’ and how you can make a real difference with simple solutions

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Tom Fletcher

INTERACTIVE PICTURE BOOKS WITH TOM FLETCHER Watch and learn with Tom Fletcher as he shares how he was inspired to create books that are fun and interactive, and how he brings his stories to life! Tom challenges you to think about how your reader can be involved in your stories – and to create your very own What’s In Your Book? series character

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Zanib Mian

WRITING FANTASTIC FAMILIES with Zanib Mian Planet Omar author Zanib Mian talks about how she takes inspiration from friends, family members and even strangers for her brilliant characters. Find out how you too can be inspired by your friends and family and use them to create brand new stories

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Football School

READY, SET, WRITE! ON THE PITCH WITH FOOTBALL SCHOOL Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton, the authors of Football School, talk about how their fantastic stories also help us learn about the world. The book is all about inspirational stories of achievement – both on and off the pitch! Hear some of their best football stories – one of which inspires a mysterious writing challenge...

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Sita Brahmachari

INSPIRATIONS FOR STORYTELLING FLOW with Sita Brahmachari In this workshop, Sita Brahmachari describes how she finds inspiration through sharing stories with others. She’ll showcase how you too can share stories around a ‘creative hearth’ and find many treasures that will help you write your own dreamlike story.