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Teaching Writing

We teach writing through a mixture of shared, modelled and guided writing. 


Modelled Writing

This is usually a whole class session where we demonstrates how to write by 'thinking aloud'. This allows the children to hear the thinking process that takes place during writing. We will voice our thoughts, planning what we intend to write, play around with word choices, talk about grammar, spelling and punctuation. The children participate by listening and observing the 'expert' at work. The end result is a readable error free text that allows the children to have a correct model to refer to and follow when engaged in further writing. 


Shared Writing

We work together with the children to produce a piece of high quality writing. We act as the scribe, but the children have ownership of what is being written. As they are not directly engaged in the physical demand of the writing, they are better able to concentrate on the compositional aspects.  If the children are suggestions ideas that are incorrect, we may initially scribe as it was spoken, but would use the mistakes as teaching points in order to engage children in the process of re-reading for accuracy and sense, then make alterations as necessary. Both teacher and children to review writing and check it against agreed success criteria. 


Guided Writing

Our role is to guide and support writing, encouraging the children to try out ideas and skills they have seen demonstrated through modelled or shared writing sessions.  This is usually done with groups of children that have the same needs with a joint focus or skills. 


Independent Writing 

Children need many opportunities for independent writing in a variety of forms. The purpose of independent writing is to put in practice the ideas, structures and skills they have seen demonstrated in modelled, shared and guided writing. 


Each unit of writing at Asquith, starts and ends with a piece of independent writing which use to asses thier progress during a unit. (See Assessment) Most writing lessons also include elemnts of independence.   

Year 5-6