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Logan and Demi from 1R have been busy baking and enjoying our Traditional Tale's booklets.

1S have completed some fabulous work in their Food booklets!

2K have been working hard on their food workbooks and having lots of fun over half term!

Look at all the fun things 1S have been getting up to at home!

Take a look at 2K's final pieces of work for our animals topic plus other fun things they have been up to including camping in the garden, play dough and even creating an imaginary sweet world!

Have a peek at what 1S have done in their Amazing Animal booklets!

2K have been busy again this week learning and having fun. Check out their VE day celebrations too!

1R have enjoyed their second week learning about animals! They have done some fantastic writing about animals, looked at animal patterns and learnt about animals and their babies. Plus a bit of capacity in maths! Have a look!

2K have been continuing their brilliant work on animals, including riddles, descriptions, art, DT, science and maths! They have been having lots of fun playing too. Take a look!

Amazing Animals Week 1 Activities - 1R

2K have had lots of fun learning about animals this week. They have created animal patterns, solved a maths mystery, written descriptions and done lots of reading. They have also been doing lots of other fun things at home with their families including crafts, gardening, playing outside and even a lost tooth!

Year 1 Animal Masks

2K have been doing lots of exciting things over Easter including: walking the dog, playing in the garden, artwork and baking. See if you can spot your friends!

2B - Ava has been busy this weekend making a fairy garden.

Last week year 1 were busy doing lots of writing at home! They practiced capital letters and full stops, spelling tricky words and using adjectives! Have a look and see if you can see your work or spot your friends!

1S have also been up to lots of fun activities at home. This week we've had lots of baking, playing with construction, superheroes, science experiments and joining in with PE with Joe Wicks! I can't wait to see what you get up to next week!

1S have sent in some fabulous photos of the work they have been doing at home this week. Thanks to everyone who has sent a photo!

2B Joshua has been keeping busy whilst at home. He has been gardening and practising his football skills as he is keen to be a football player when he is older. It has also been his sister's birthday so he baked a cake and they celebrated together.

1S have sent so many lovely photos of the work they've been doing at home this past week. Keep up the good work 1S!

2K Miss Kelly's class have been having lots of fun learning and playing at home. Check out some of the photos from this week!

1S have also been up to lots of exciting things whilst we've not been at school. We've had wobbly teeth, hair cuts by Dad, dog walks, animal watching, colouring, lots of playing and even designing our own t-shirt!

1R have been busy this week doing writing based around the story Ronald the Rhino and lots of place value work in maths. A huge thank you all the children that have sent me photographs from their first week at home! Mrs Raybold

2B Pupils working from home - A poster designed by a pupil advising how we can stay safe and the Jelinksis have been very busy over the last week. They have enjoyed writing different features of a superhero story, including designing a hero and a baddie! They have also found time to play lots of entertaining games.

2K have been doing amazing work at home. Check out their incredible superhero stories so far! We can't wait to read the rest of the stories!

2B have been busy making their clay tiles in the shape of a house ready to display them in Mansfield Museum. The children experimented with making patterns in the clay as well as adding extra features onto their tile. The tiles are currently being fired in the kilns and then we will give them a glaze before they are displayed.

On World Book Day class 2B enjoyed taking part in lots of activities linked to some of our favourite books. We dressed up in our comfortable pyjamas and had hot chocolate and popcorn. The children had the opportunity to make Gruffalo inspired biscuits, Gruffalo puppets and had a wonderful story telling session from 'Tales of the Heartwood'.

Museum visit 1 - Year 2 walked down to Mansfield Museum to explore the paintings by Albert Sorby Buxton. We wanted to compare the historical paintings of Mansfield to what Mansfield looks like today. The children thought it was very strange that hens were wandering around the streets. We then unveiled our upcoming project; to produce artwork that will also go on display in the same room as the paintings we looked at. We're all very excited to see the finished exhibition!

Class 2B were learning about statistics in maths. They had lots of fun investigating which is the most common colour in a bag of M and Ms. The children recorded the information on tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams. We even got to taste a couple!

Class 2K have been making tally charts to show the different coloured M&Ms in pot. We even got to eat them afterwards. Yum!

To start off our new topic 'Home is where the heart is' we made rooms out of shoe boxes. We loved getting creative and designing our own homes.

KS1 Pupils enjoyed creating material animals using their sewing and cutting skills

To launch our 'Robin Hood' topic we had a visit from a medevil company, who taught us all about medevil life and we received a few exciting letters from Robin Hood himself!

KS1 Children came dressed as Aliens to celebrate the end of our topic on 'Space'. We made our own Aliens, tried astronaut food and had a visit from a planetarium


2K - Use smarties to create tally charts in Maths

2K Pupils acted out the story of 'The Little Red Hen' to learn about responsiblity

We came to school dressed in bright colours for Children in Need - The whole school raised £616.20 which was split between Children in Need - £316.20 and The Shoe Box Appeal - £300

Year 1 began learning about capacity by helping the pirates to bail water out using different containers. We had a laugh trying to use the plant pot with holes in!

Class 1B paid their respects to the fallen this afternoon ahead of Remembrance Day



Class 1B have been learning the school value, respect, through drama. The children acted out the story of Olympic swimming gold medallist, Dara Torres, as she showed respect to her competitors

Year 1 and 2 children in Mr Barber's Read Write Inc group have started reading a new book today 'Our House'. The children loved reading about the chaotic house and enjoyed talking to each other about their own houses.

Class 1B have been learning how to balance whilst moving like jungle animals. It was brilliant fun!

1B have been learning about height by looking at who is tallest and who is the shortest. We have also been making lego buildings that are taller and shorter

1B have been having some fun counting in 2s using smelly socks!



KS1 Pupils & Staff visited Berry Hill Park as part of their Traditional Tale Topic - They looked for characters and then made homes for them.