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Homework expectations

Each week children are expected to complete the following:

  • At least 3 reads recorded in their reading diary
  • At least 30 minutes on Times table Rockstars
  • Weekly spelling practise on Spelling Shed (Please be aware that children on Read Write Inc will not be set weekly spellings but may still use spelling shed if they wish).

Your child will have their log in and password for both Times table Rockstars and Spelling Shed in the front of their reading diary.

The above is the minimum weekly expectation and of course any extra practice will enhance your child’s learning and progress.


Reluctant readers?

We understand that not all children will share the same enthusiasm when it comes to reading, however there are several things you can do to help:

  • Don’t make it into a battle!
  • Share books with your child – it doesn’t always have to be them reading. You could take turns to read sections of a book or read to your child and then discuss the book with them.
  • Discuss books that your child likes and encourage them to choose and read books that interest them.
  • Join and visit our local library!


Problems with completing homework

If for any reason your child is having difficulty completing any of their homework, please contact your child’s class teacher. We are happy to provide opportunities for children to complete their Times table Rockstars and Spelling Shed in school if access is an issue. Likewise, we can provide printable versions for both.

Click the links below to our TimesTableRockstar site and Spelling Shed