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Day 5 - Friday 19th April

Day 5 - Hucklow 2024


We woke up at 7.30am, it was then time to finish our packing and strip our beds, we all completed this in time for breakfast at 8.30am. At the end of breakfast we gave a thank you card and gift to a member of the cleaning staff, the kitchen team and office staff, they were happy that we had all enjoyed our stay.

After breakfast there was time to brush our teeth and then we were able to spend some time in the park.  When the coach arrived we all worked together to load the bus as quickly as possible and it was then time to head to Castleton.  When we arrived it was dry but looked as if it could start to rain at any time - sure enough the rain started a couple of minutes into the walk.  The path up out of Castleton was like a little stream and then as we reached the muddy fields the rain got heavier, we carried on and found that the name of the path was Castleton via Dirty Lane - we defnitely agreed as we all had muddy footwear and trousers!  On the walk we saw sheep with their lambs and a duck with her ducklings.  The rain did stop as we walked down into Castleton, but it was too wet to eat outside so we enjoyed our lunch on the coach.

After lunch it was time to head back to school, eveyone looked tired but happy - despite being wet and having muddy feet!

All the children were looking forward to seeing their grown ups and telling them about their busy week.