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Day 2 - Tuesday 16th April

Day 2

We have had a great day, it started with a good breakfast, cereal, toast, bacon, egg, sausage, beans, tomatoes, hash browns and fruit juice.  We were then ready to head off on the coach to Crich Tram museum, where we played in the park, travelled on a tram, had a packed lunch and looked at some old trams in the museum.  We had our packed lunch in the sunshine and had a lovely walk through the woodland sculpture walk. 

We returned just in time as it started to rain and hail again. Everyone went to their rooms, a showers and a change of clothes were needed for a few!  We enjoyed cheesburgers, chips and salad for dinner,followed by crispy chocolate cakes and fruit for pudding.

After dinner Mrs Harding came to visit us for the evening and we played table tennis, games and did some arts and crafts and then settled down to watch the first part of Charlie and the Chocolate factory.   Everybody was starting to feel tired, so by 8.30pm, so it was time for hot chocolate a biscuit and bed.