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Science Curriculum Statement


At Asquith Primary School, our intent is to establish a high-quality learning environment and curriculum which facilitates the inquisitive nature of our children, hooks them into science and creates a sense of awe and wonder about the world around them. Our aim is for children to access an experienced based curriculum, through which they develop the skills to question, debate, investigate, discover, interpret, present and challenge scientific matters relating to the ever-changing world around them. We aim to inspire our children to make conscious, informed choices throughout their lives, to contribute positively to society, and to have the curiosity to explore and interpret the world around them.


Our curriculum is centred around encouraging children to question and challenge their interpretations of their world. We are working to implement a child-led approach which facilitates the process of investigation and discovery, with the aim of creating ‘light bulb moments’. When these moments occur, we aim to celebrate the curiosity and scientific working of our children and provide opportunities for children to confidently present and discuss their findings. The process of exploring and investigating and then discovering, presenting and discussing enables our children to know more and remember more.

Our progression framework ensures that all statutory content in the early years foundation stage framework and the national curriculum is taught to all children. The progression framework ensures that the knowledge, skills and understanding developed in previous years are the starting point for learning and that we have an awareness of the next steps for our children. Therefore, we ensure that learning is sequential and progressive within each year group as well as from EYFS through to year six. Scientific vocabulary and practical scientific skills are incorporated throughout our curriculum. The vocabulary section of our progression framework encourages children to develop their ability to read, spell, understand and pronounce scientific vocabulary in a progressive structure appropriate to their age range.

Our curriculum is specifically designed to suit the needs of our children at different stages of their education: in EYFS science forms part of our children’s daily provision; in key stage 1 science is weaved throughout our topic; and in key stage 2 science in taught in discrete units of work as outlined in the national curriculum. Through our eco-clubs and forest schools programme we aim to use our whole school site to maximise our children’s scientific experiences. 


All our children will know more, remember more, and understand more about the world around them. When children leave Asquith, they will be more confidence and more knowledgeable in questioning and challenging, exploring and investigating, and then discovering, presenting, and discussing science in the world around them. Our children will develop the skills required to become individuals who throughout their lives make conscious, informed choices, contribute positively to society, and who are curious to explore and interpret the world around them.