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Day 3

Well, all but one room had to be woken up today at 8.00am.

Another fantastic breakfast, some children managing 2 bowls of cereal, cooked breakfast with seconds and toast - setting themselves up for the day.

Today, was a walk to Eyam and we woke to heavy rainfall. But by the time we set off, the rain had cleared and stayed away for the rest of the day. We set off over the fields, having to scramble over and squeeze through numerous stiles. Also, walking amongst sheep, cows and goats. Arriving in Eyam we settled down for a picnic lunch and all were treated to an icecream.

Then the walk back- accompanied by a few groans about aching legs and feet. We made it back after a 9 mile walk, the children getting slower and slower to suddenly be full of life when allowed to play on the park after we got back.

An enjoyable tea of pizza and chips followed by lemon mousse and an evening of crafts and games.