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Tuesday 23rd May

Keswick – Day 2

We have had a great first full day exploring the hills and mountains surrounding Keswick. Our day started with ensuring that everyone applied plenty of sun cream as a warm sunny day was forecast.  We then walked to catch a bus which dropped us off at the start of our route. After leaving the bus we began to climb the steep ascent up the hills pausing every now and again to take in the spectacular views.

Once we had reached the highest part of our climb we begin to meander through the hills before stopping at Surprise View to refuel and Mr Barber stopped to read a book with a view.. It was all downhill after lunch, walking down the hill with lots of stones on the path, we all had to watch where we put our feet with each step we took, as we dropped through the hills we found time for stone skimming, paddling,  enjoy an ice-cream and enjoyed petting a very freindly dog, many of the children wanting to take the dog back to Keswick with us.. We travelled back on an open top bus, It was great to feel the wind rushing through our hair and cooling us down as we travelled back to enjoy a lovely meal of pizza, wedges and salad followed by yoghurt..  Everyone enjoyed the walk and there was no complaining about the distance or heat.  During the day a number of members of the public complimented the children on their good behaviour and manners.

In an attempt to use up the remaining energy we had left we took a walk to the park after tea. We had great fun on the playground or playing football, I think we’ll all sleep well tonight!