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Design Technology


At Asquith Primary School, we believe that designing, making and evaluating is a significant life skill and is an important part of children’s development throughout school, right from an early age. We intend on delivering a curriculum where children make use of Design and Technology effectively in their everyday lives.

Our children will be taught Design and Technology in a way that ensures progression of skills and follows a sequence to build on previous learning.

Children will gain experience and skills of design and concepts of technology which will enrich their learning opportunities. This will enable them to use design and technology across all subjects, building their creativity and developing their problem solving skills. A design technologist leaving Asquith will leave with a passion for developing their ideas into innovative projects using their creative, technical and practical expertise. 



We follow a Design and Technology scheme that ensures a progression of skills and covers all aspects of the Design and Technology curriculum. All classes should be teaching at least one unit of Design and Technology in each term.

When Design and Technology is taught, the sequence of lessons should follow a design, make and evaluate structure.

Each child should be able to follow a method to produce a final project and should be able to talk about their opinions during the making process.



Our children will:

  • Have creative minds.
  • Enjoy and value Design and Technology and know why they are doing things, not just how.
  •  Gain skills and knowledge that will build their problem solving abilities

Progress is demonstrated through regularly reviewing and scrutinising children’s work. Namely through:

  • Looking at pupil’s work.
  • Observing how they perform in lessons.
  • Talking to them about what they know.

As a result of our design and technology curriculum, our children gain an understanding of designing, making and evaluating projects and the implications of the ever changing technological world, today and in the future.