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Year 2 - 2B out and about building shelters and finding out about animal shelters

2K - moving around the site, over the river, swinging over the gorge and making maps of the site.

Exploring the site - 2K learning about compass points, moving round the site and making maps of the site.

Year 2 Forest School - finding out what it's all about, playing 123 Where are you?, and foraging for things to talk about about. Good time had by all plus lots of learning. They all listened very well and the next few weeks are going to be great!

Forest School - last session for the time being with year 1. We made snowmen, played a 'Reindeer Game', and played with our woodland puppets and parachute. A Great Big Thank you has to go to Mansfield Building Society who gave us a grant to buy the parachute and the woodland puppets.

Mrs Anbar's class went outside today. We had wellies and waterproof trousers on! We made mini dens, played a weaving game, did weaving on the fence to make a spiders web plus made leaf flags, so had a go at knot tying! Then we came in!! Brrr!

Forest School - Mrs Brown's Class make small dens for their stone troll or a animal! The hammocks went down very well too - the children loved them.

Nov 2021 Year 1 - Forest School - 1R making stone trolls and leaf collecting

Oct 2021 1B Forest school adventures

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