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Day 3 - Wednesday 17th April

Hucklow 2024 - Day 3


We all woke up at 7.30am and by 8.30am we were rready to enjoy a lovely breakfast again, there are some pictures so as you can see the cereal choices, yoghurt option, toast, bacon, sausage, hash brown, beans, tomato and furit that we enjoyed.

Following breakfast  we met in the big room Mrs J had inspected the childrens rooms and for the first time ever she awarded the top score of 10 to one of the rooms, lets hope they can keep this score for the rest of the break. Mr Harding then told us about the history of Eyam and advised that we would be walking to there today.  We then all got ready for our long walk, the sun was shining but we had to prepare for all weathers!  After collecting out lunch, filling our water bottles and ensuring we all had our walking boots or wellies on, waterproof coats and our rucksacks - It was time to set off.  

We walked along country roads single file and through fields, there was one part of the walk where the puddles were so big we had to balance on the grass verge to get by - we all managed to do it without anyone falling in the water - only one child ended up with wet feet!

We had lunch in Eyam and then it was time to walk back, we walked back a different way through lots of fields and over lots of styles, this route was a little muddier but did not have as many puddles.  During the walk we saw sheep with their lambs, cows and horses.  Towards the end of the walk the weather changed and we all got a little wet, we were so glad to get back to Hucklow to change our clothes and have a warm shower.  We all walked just under 9 miles today and corssed over lots of styles - what an amazing achievement!!  

After we had all freshened up it was time for dinner, we enjoyed fish fingers, chips, sweetcorn, garden and mushy peas, followed by syrup sponge and custard.

The children then had the choice of playing outside or doing activites indoors, after which we watched the end of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and then enjoyed hot chocolate and a flapjack before bedtime at 8.30pm.  Everyone was so tired after their long walk it didn't take long for everyone to settle, which is good because we have another busy day tomorrow!