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Making mud!! Autumn term - these are photos from the start of the Club when we made a painting out of a big sheet, using mud as our paint As things were so busy in the Club in each session, we haven't taken any more!!

Forest school - today we ran a mud pie making competition. Some children chose to do other things and they helped with the judging!

Forest School - well today we talked about the knots we had previously done, some children made a log dog, some children made a den, and looked at how they could use knots to make them more secure, the earth kitchen was very popular this week and a little messy. That's why we ask for alternative clothes! Please make sure they have a water bottle in school; it was hot yesterday. And maybe a sunhat?!

In our Forest School session this week we looked at Timber Hitch knots, some children made a log dog, using that knot. Some made Forest School bracelets with the wool left for us by the FS fairies. And the Earth Kitchen was very popular.

Forest School - 4th session. We were making dens for the woodland puppets - some great creations. A few stars being attempted and lots of playing in the mud kitchen! A lovely session.

Our third session went down very well - so well the children didn't want to stop! Sorry we were a little late, washing hands and putting shoes on seems to take forever. We had great fun building dens, learning how to move a large stick safely around forest school, digging for worms and the mud kitchen was very popular! Some children were very interested in learning how to make a campfire, with many interesting techniques being tested out. Also how to bind sticks together, using rope or rubber covered wire. Forest School is child lead so we are happy to go with the flow.

Forest School - After School Club. Everyone seemed to enjoy the first session of the Club!! Lots of hiding happening, playing the Game 1,2,3 Where Are You! With Rabbit and badger puppets!

Singing Club - Count on Me!

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We thought you might want to see what our Singing Club have been up to this term.

Thank you to Inspire and to Miss Diane for leading the group. The children have been learning a few new songs for Christmas plus they love singing Count on Me!

Singing Club will continue next term, supported and funded by Inspire - Culture, Learning and Libraries. Come and Join Us!

Singing Club - video 2

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Singing Club

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As a school we believe that out of school clubs and activities are an important part of a child’s education. Unlike many schools, we offer all our clubs for free! We allocate money from the school budget for this so that every child has the same opportunities regardless of parental ability to pay.


We would ask that if your child is allocated a place at a club, that they attend every week. If for any reason they cannot attend, then please notify school.


To help with the organisation and allocation of places, we send out a letter each half term where your child can choose the clubs they would like to attend. We then allocate places and send out confirmation letters. If your child does not receive a confirmation letter then they have not been allocated a place.


Please click on the links below to access the current club timetable and to see what the pupils have been doing at each of the clubs. 


If you have any questions about our school clubs please contact the school office on 01623 454969.