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Day 2

DAY 2 - Tuesday 04/06/2024

Our day started with breakfast and making our pack up for the day. There were certainly some interesting sandwich combinations made. The forecast was bleak but that didn't put us off. We were determined to explore the Cumbrian countryside.


After a walk through town we got the bus to Seatoller. The more sensible ones in the group stayed under shelter on the bus whereas the more adventurous sat in the open air. The journey can only be compared to a log flume as branches swept the water from the roof of the bus onto some already quite soggy passengers.


Determined not to let the wet weather dampen our spirits we set off into the woodlands. The rain continued to fall but we tried to maintain a positive mindset, passing time talking about favourite foods and takeaways but eventually the weather got the better of us. Soggy sandwiches were quickly eaten and we trampled back to catch the log flume into Keswick. 


The photographs really do not do justice for how wet we were. Boots were squelching, waterproof coats had been breached and smiles had turned to frowns. 


Upon arrival at base, spirits were lifted with warm showers, cups of tea and games of table tennis and a rather raucous game of spoons. Typically the sun came out at this point so after dinner we went to burn off some energy on the park. This was followed by hot chocolate, cake and a screening of Lion King.

Brithday message to Miss Kyte from Keswick

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