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Autumn Term

Our Autumn Term topic was 'Marvellous Me'. 


We started off our topic by introducing our key historical focus, Florence Nightingale. We learnt about the state of the hospital in Crimea before Florence went out there and the difference she made to injured soldiers. The classroom was turned into a replica of the hospital at that time and a team of year 2 nurses implemented the same changes that Florence made to improve conditions. We also looked at some historical sources and artefacts from the period of Florence Nightingale's life including a lamp very similar to the one she would have used.


We then moved on to learning about the human body. 

We learned about the timeline of a human, how humans stay fit and healthy and about the importance of a balanced diet. 

Check out some pictures of our science work below!

Design & Technology 

Following on from our work on food groups. We looked at how to make one of our favourite foods a little healthier. We made pitta bread pizzas. We used our learning about hygiene to help us prepare food safely. We used skills including cutting, grating, spreading and slicing to prepare our pizzas. 


After half term we started to learn about the people who help to keep us fit and healthy - nurses! We started learning about the important role that Nellie Spindler took on during World War One, linked to rememberance. We used some of our ICT skills to type up some facts we learned about her. 


Our key nurse was Florence Nightingale. We had a fantastic workshop form 'The History Van' who came in and showed us what life would have been like for nurses in Florence's time and about the challenges Florence faced at Scutari Hospital. You can see some pictures of the workshop below. 

As part of our learning about Florence Nightingale, we used timelines to help us to understand how long ago Florence lived. First we needed to understand how a timeline works so we sorted some events from history into two groups: withing living memory and beyond living memory. Once we understood this, we could plot Forence Nightingale on the timeline. 


We then zoomed in on Florence's life. We built a timeline using base 10 sticks to show the scale. We then plotted the key events of Florence's life onto the timeline using this scale. 



In the first part of the Autumn Term, we learned about what humans need to survive. We then discussed what would happen if we didn't have those things and who could help. We looked at the importance of food banks and how they can help people in need. 

To help keep these food banks stocked up, we designed our own mugs that we could then sell to raise money. We raised £56.40 and have donated this money to Sherwood Forest Foodbank. Thank you to all those who helped us! 

We recieved the following message from the food bank:


To everyone at Asquith Primary School,


On behalf of Sherwood Forest Foodbank, thank you so much for the cheque donation of £56.40, which was raised as a result of your sale of the mugs.

The cash gives us the flexibility to buy the items that we are in most need of and also helps us to be able to continue with our work.


Thank you so much Sherwood Forest Foodbank