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Autumn Term

Our Autumn Term topic was 'Marvellous Me'. 


We started off our topic by introducing our key historical focus, Florence Nightingale. We learnt about the state of the hospital in Crimea before Florence went out there and the difference she made to injured soldiers. The classroom was turned into a replica of the hospital at that time and a team of year 2 nurses implemented the same changes that Florence made to improve conditions. We also looked at some historical sources and artefacts from the period of Florence Nightingale's life including a lamp very similar to the one she would have used.

We continued to study the timeline of Florence Nightingale. Learning all about changes she made to nursing both at the time of the Crimean War and in her later career. To further enhance our work around Florence we had an immersive workshop in school which gave the children an insight into different aspects of Florence's life. The children got the chance to explore historical sources from the period of time that Florence was alive.

We studied Nellie Spindler and her significance during WW1. Following on from this we looked at the impact of wars across history and the significance of remembrance. As part of our remembrance tributes we walked to the memorial at Carr Bank park, held a minutes silence and reflected on those impacted by war.

Our Science learning for this term was all about our bodies. We studied the importance of hygiene, staying healthy through exercise and how to eat a balanced diet. Below are some pictures of us exercising and testing our heart rate.

Our Design and Technology work saw us tasked with designing and making a wrap for McDonalds to be a healthy alternative for their menu. We studied the benefits of each food group which ran nicely alongside our balanced diet work in Science. We then taste tested some food before designing a wrap containing one protein, one dairy and one vegetable. To make our wraps we used skills such as chopping, grating and shredding. Our wraps were very tasty!