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Supporting our Lowest Readers

At Asquith Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that all children leave us in year 6 able to read with confidence and understanding. However, some children take longer to reach this goal and require more support and interventions.


In Foundation 2 and Key Stage 1, children who need additional support receive additional one-to-one, or small group support with a highly skilled reading teacher. Often this is only needed for 6 weeks. 


Read Write Inc. program continues into KS2 to offer children who did not pass the phonics check further support as they continue their reading journey. To support these children, teachers also send phonics videos home, so that children can practice with parents and carers. Children also continue to take home books that are specifically chosen to reinforce the work that is being completed in sessions.


Once children have completed Read Write Inc. they have additional one-to-one reading sessions in school to build fluency and comprehension. Where applicable children work in small groups to develop their comprehension skills.


Children receiving additional support in reading are assessed every 3 - 6 weeks to ensure that progress is being made and interventions are being accurately targeted. 


As well as supporting children with their reading skills, we also work to help the children develop a joy of reading. Children who find reading difficult can lack enthusiasm for reading and this in turn makes learning challenging. Our environment positively promotes reading through cosy library areas and exciting displays. There are also opportunities for the children to share books they have enjoyed (with a cup of hot chocolate or a biscuit) with other children, and also visit the library.