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07.04.2020 1 Mrs Brown emptying her compost bin.

Pea growers of the week this week. This week our star pea growers are ... Amy and Martha.

They are not the tallest plants but have grown the most this week. 

I hope you did a bug hunt last week, when it was cooler. I bet you find different insects if you do another hunt today in the sunshine - lots of butterflies and bees today on my garden!

03/04/2020 Can you do a mini beast hunt?

03/04/2020 Can you do a mini beast hunt? 1 BUG Hunt ideas - have a look around your garden.
03/04/2020 Can you do a mini beast hunt? 2 ID Minibeasts sheet
03/04/2020 Can you do a mini beast hunt? 3 Look what i found in my garden - two frogs!

31/3/2020 - You can see the peas are still growing, not as much this week as there has not been as much sunshine.  Joel and Evie are growers of the week this week but everyone's pea plants have now started to grow.  I found a plant pot for Ruby and planted some peas for her too. It's an ordinary plant pot but ive put a label on it. Even your peas are already sending out shoots! The carrots are still not doing as well but a few little plants growing."

Wed star grower - The pea plants are really getting going now with some showing over the top of the pots. Leo and Zarin are star growers this week with the tallest plants so far. Mrs Brown put them outside for a bit of sunshine. Even the carrots have started to grow - just.

Mrs Brown took the peas plants home, as we didn't get chance to give them out before we all went home. They are now living in her kitchen to give them the best chance of growing. Mrs Brown planted some peas for the children who were not able to be in the planting session so Libby, Ellie-Mae and Harley all have a pot too. Obviously they are a bit behind the other plants but have just started to send up shoots.