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12/8/20 Compost for the pumpkins

23/7/20 Photos of things we have been up to including some of the school garden!

Painted Ladies butterfly life cycle project

14/7/20 Second lot of Hoverfly Lagoon Pictures!

Hoverfly Lagoon pictures - we need to look after hoverflies as they pollinate our plants and flowers, just like bees.

Butterfly Pattern Images - you could find other things to cut out to use, don't limit yourself to the butterfly.

Things we have been up to! Including some photos of the school garden

Sustainable City video.

Still image for this video
One of the year 5 pupils in school has made this video for a competition entry. It is all about how to make a city more sustainable. I thought you might like to see it. She used to be a member of the ECO Group. You could have think about something similar. The competition has ended now but you can look at the website if you like. Or look at the TED Earth School website for other ideas.

30/6/20 - Out and about with 30 Day Wild. Photos of things i have found or liked the look of ...

30/6/20 - Beeswax Wraps. I'm very excited that you try this one to help reduce the plastic we all use. You will need an adult to help you as the oven has to warm the beeswax so you can spread it about.

30/6/20 Cress sowing!

Ideas for outside activities this week - using your paper plates

Insect home ideas

Garden pond ideas


Two challenges this week - to spot some birds either in your garden, Park or woodland near you using the identification sheet that was in your pack. Try to listen really hard to birds singing to see if you can tell which bird is which. You may find an egg or feather using your egg collection box. Can you identify the bird it's from?

This morning I saw Great Tits, Blackbirds, Starlings and Goldfinches around the School KS1 playground. Plus my bird bath at home is being well used by the Blackbirds.


Also, can you collect some sticks, pine cones, bits of wood, leaves off the floor of the park or on a walk and create some art with it - i want to see some entries from the ECO Team in the Land Art Competition!!  Don't let me down, guys! Bring some bits of sticks, leaves and cones home with you in your brown collecting bag - we'll make something else later in the week or early next week. 


8/6/20 Arty Creations from things found on a walk!

Land Art Competition Entry

A Spiral Entry! Wonder what this family will win!

4/6/20 - Our First Land Art Entry

4/6/20 - Can you help me? 


My marigold plants that I have grown from seed, potted up and watered for weeks are under threat from slugs!!

I know many of you don't like slugs (I have heard lots of comments when we put fruit in the compost bin) but can you convince me that slugs have a role in our garden and in the wildlife habitat/circle of life. Tell me some good things about slugs (or snails).

I would like you to come up with 5 good things about slugs or facts about them. Send your ideas to me at

Good luck!

4/5/20 Slug Damage Investigation needed!

Slugs are eating my marigolds! It ate the stalk!

1/6/20 Photos You Have Sent into School

Clay models - what have you made out of your clay?

Eco Group members creations!

19/5/20202 Things you guys have been doing at home! Please let me know.

Grace & Martha made a bird table with their dad.

19/5/20202      Clay!! What Can you do with it?


Well first I found the idea about making tree guardians - see the document attached to the website. I thought you could make one or two when you were out and about and leave them for people to find. The pictures are ones i made and left on my local Park. You could make one for your garden if you prefer!

Please learn from my mistakes and make sure your tree guardian is either in a hole or you really push it onto the tree firmly, as only one of mine is still stuck to the tree! I really pressed the edges of that last one into the bark of the tree but i wished I had found a hole or a part of the tree which was leaning back for my tree guardians! Also take some wipes with you, for your hands when you've finished!

When i looked on line there were lots more things you could do with you clay so I've put some other peoples pictures up too. You could make a  creature - real or imaginary. You could write facts about your creature - where it lives, the food it eats, how it has adapted to its environment or you could write an imaginative story about it. Or you could use your clay to make a picture. 

Lots of ideas for you to choose. 

Tree Guardians

19/5/2020 Clay!! What can you do with it?

5/5/2020 Making a bird feeder for your garden.

28/04/2020 Recycling Quiz (with the answer sheet but DON'T cheat, do the quiz first!)

21/04/2020 Sunflower Challenge - who can grow the biggest and best SUNFLOWER?

This is what i hope we will grow in our gardens.
This is how to do it!

Making your own compost bin

15.04.2020 -The Peas, (and we have carrots!)


You can apply to win one of 'Grow Your Own' home kits by using the following link: It comes with a packet of seeds, a compost disc, a handy growing guide and a special grower’s certificate. This is the same type of pack we received in school, so you can start growing at home. 


The peas we started growing in school and that have been at home with Mrs Brown are nearly ready to plant out, so watch this space for future photos of the planting!




Mrs Brown emptying her compost bin.

Pea growers of the week this week. This week our star pea growers are ... Amy and Martha.

They are not the tallest plants but have grown the most this week. 

I hope you did a bug hunt last week, when it was cooler. I bet you find different insects if you do another hunt today in the sunshine - lots of butterflies and bees today on my garden!

03/04/2020 Can you do a mini beast hunt?

BUG Hunt ideas - have a look around your garden.
ID Minibeasts sheet
Look what i found in my garden - two frogs!

31/3/2020 - You can see the peas are still growing, not as much this week as there has not been as much sunshine.  Joel and Evie are growers of the week this week but everyone's pea plants have now started to grow.  I found a plant pot for Ruby and planted some peas for her too. It's an ordinary plant pot but ive put a label on it. Even your peas are already sending out shoots! The carrots are still not doing as well but a few little plants growing."

Wed star grower - The pea plants are really getting going now with some showing over the top of the pots. Leo and Zarin are star growers this week with the tallest plants so far. Mrs Brown put them outside for a bit of sunshine. Even the carrots have started to grow - just.

Mrs Brown took the peas plants home, as we didn't get chance to give them out before we all went home. They are now living in her kitchen to give them the best chance of growing. Mrs Brown planted some peas for the children who were not able to be in the planting session so Libby, Ellie-Mae and Harley all have a pot too. Obviously they are a bit behind the other plants but have just started to send up shoots.