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Toys Through Time 

To launch the start of our new topic, we asked the children to bring in their favourite toys. The spent the morning telling each other why they liked the toy, and how it worked. We compared our toys, and looked for things that were similar and different. Each child created a page about their favourite to make a book.  



In science we have been learning all about materials and their properties. We looked at different objects and what they were made from. We then linked this back to our topic on toys. We collected information about the most common material that toys were made from. It was... plastic! We ended our unit investigating which material would be to make an umbrella from. 



In history we have been learning about toys from the past and comparing them to toys we play with now. Many toys from the past were made from wood or metal. We learnt that old toys were often made by hand. Now, most toys are made in factories. We learnt about timelines of our own life. We then looked at the timeline of a doll. We used our learning in science to help us order them from oldest to newest. 



In art we studied the artist, Molly Huslund. She is famous for creating art using large circles in outdoor spaces. We looked a circles, spiral and continuous lines in nature and used this to inspire our own artwork. 

Design Technology


In DT we learnt about the different types of puppets. Year 1's brief was to make a puppet that they could use in a performance for Reception children. They began by looking at different styles of puppets and rated them in terms of suitability. We then learnt about permanent and temporary joins. Everyone learnt how to glue, paperclip, staple and sew material together. Next, we designed what we wanted our puppets to look like, and what joins we would use. The children used templates to cut out their fabric and embellished them to look like different animals.  

Year 1 - Walking Through the Jungle Puppet Show