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Spring Term

Our Topic for Spring term is ‘Home is Where the Heart is!’


We started our topic looking at our families. We know that families are important to us because they give us love, security and stability.


We all went on a trip to ‘Mansfield Museum’. We enjoyed our walk to the museum and we carefully looked at old pictures of homes.  We enjoyed looking at all the old homes and the different buildings and materials they used to make houses. Once in school, we were able to find out the differences and similarities.

We have been learning all about the different types of homes, such as bungalows, flat, detached, caravan, semi-detached and terraced.


We had a visit from a visitor from ‘Framework’. He discussed the importance of having a home and how they keep us warm and safe. We also found out that ‘Framework’ help people who are homeless by offering them homes and helping them find jobs.


In Geography we have been naming and locating key landmarks in our local area, for example, post office, hairdressers, fish and chip shop, etc… We have also been learning the physical and human geography in our local area.


We have looked at maps and locating features using images. We really enjoyed exploring maps on ‘Now Press Play’ and we also drew our own map showing a basic key.



We have been learning the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom. We have also had to name and locate the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas on a map.

In ICT, we had lots of fun typing up a poster to invite parents to come in and see our work. We used word process to type up the poster using the spacebar, enter, back space and arrow keys.  We also learnt the ‘@’ key and we sent an email to the other year 1 class. It was so exciting!


In art we have explored the work of a clay artist ‘Pheobe Cummings’. We explored using a range of materials, e.g. playdough and plasticine and we manipulated clay in a variety of ways such a s rolling, kneading, shaping, pinching and practiced scoring and using slip to join two pieces of clay together. It was messy but we loved it!

Using the skills we learned when working with clay, we planned and made our clay house tiles.  As an outcome, we show pieced our clay house tiles and we all got to look at each other’s hard work. We evaluated and commented on each other’s clay tiles writing likes and improvements. We really enjoyed looking at everyone’s clay house tiles!