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Summer Term

Our Topic for Summer term is ‘Ready, Steady, Grow!’


We started our topic going on a nature hunt. We used the iPads to take pictures of things we thought could be found in nature!

Then we looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and created some art that was inspired by him!

We have been learning about the process of germination and we conducted a cress growing experiment! The cress that was in the sunshine and had water grew the best!! We’ve also been looking at different plants/ flowers and did you know ever green trees don’t loose their green leaves! Ever!


Fudge & Co came to visit! We got to hold and touch many different and exciting animals such as snake, tarantula, skunk, ferret, lizard, hissing cockroach and many more.  We were all very excited! We were being so brave and really enjoyed the animal experience!

For our art projects this term, we have been learning how to shade, hatch and cross hatch and we have sketched some beautiful pictures of our trees on our school site! Have a look in our topic books to see!


We’ve also been looking at colour wheels, shading white and black paints making colours darker and lighter!

All the children had a lot of fun at Vicar's Water Park. The day was filled with lots of exciting nature activities such as, going for a nature walk, building animal dens, making nature bookmarks, playing in the playground on the swings and slide and exploring the beautiful butterfly meadow after walking up a very steep hill. The children also had lots of fun making natural art inspired by 'James Brunt'.



For our painting topic this half term, we have been looking at the work of Van Gogh and his famous Sunflower picture! We have learnt how to create washes to form backgrounds, continued our work with mixing paints, making lighter and darker shades and we have even learnt how to use our sketching skills to help us make wonderful art!