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Autumn Term

Our first topic this year in year 1 is all about toys! We have been investigating different toys, we brought in our favorite toys, and we even started to look at how electronic toys work! Some have batteries and some use main electricity!


We got to pretend to be scientists this week too! We started sorting them out into different materials and we looked at the different properties.

We had an exciting delivery at school. As part of our topic 'toys through time' our teachers thought it would be fun for us to be historians! We had a box of old toys “Artefacts” come! We got to look at them, explore them and even play with them! Some of them were a lot different to our toys we play with now! All of this choosing helped to ignite our learning!

For Remembrance day we got to create a Poppy Picture using oil pastels and water colours. We created a wash for sky using watercolours. Then we looked at the shape of poppies and drew them using oil pastels. To make sure we added detail, we added grass, leaves, stalks using oil pastels. 

Our ICT this term has been so much fun. We have been looking at algorithms! (That’s just another word for instructions!) We got to explore programming them to se if we could get them to go in different directions.

We had a very exciting vistor in school this term & we got to play the drums! We had so much fun playing, copying and expanding our musical skills!

To end our topic all about toys, we got to create our very own puppets! We started if off by investigating which materials joined best.

Then to end it we preformed our very own show!