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The Great Outdoors


What a fantastic start to the term! This morning we had a very exciting delivery! We opened a box containing lots of interesting objects and a book called, Finding Wild. We realised all of the objects were linked to the story. We then went outside to find our own ‘wild’. We found lots of interesting things, including different coloured leaves, blossom, pebbles, conkers, conker shells and bark. We studied them carefully using our magnify glasses and came up with a few questions such as, What are the little sticks called inside a flower? Why are leaves different shapes? Why do some leaves have spots on them? We then learnt about Andy Goldsworthy and how he used natural objects to create art. We used the objects we found to create our own natural collages. During the afternoon we had our first Forest School session! We played hide and seek, explored the Forest School area, planted seeds, dug for worms and made mud pies! We can't wait for the next one! 

English - Talk for Writing 

This half term, we are learning how to write a friendship story. We are using the text, How the Tortoise Got His Shell, to support us. Here are the children performing the story using a text map. We will then make changes to the story, to write a new version. This half term we are focusing on suffixes, ed, ing, s/es. We are also learning how to join two sentences together using a conjunction. 

How the Tortoise Got His Shell

Uploaded by Asquith Primary on 2023-05-11.

How the Tortoise Got His Shell - Irwin Class

Uploaded by Asquith Primary on 2023-05-11.

Art - Drawing 

In art we have been looking at different drawing techniques. We began by experimenting with a range of mark making tools such as, charchol, chalk, oil pastel, wax crayon, pen, and felt tip. We then practiced the skill 'backward forward'. Next, we looked at a range of work by various artists, and used these to help us make a bank of different marks. We have used these skills to create our own drawings.   

Science - Plants 

This half term we have been learning all about different plants. We have learnt about the structure of different plants, including flowers and trees and what each of the main parts do. We have also learnt the names of common wild and garden plants, such as, buttercups, cowslip, bluebells, dandilions, poppies, sunflowers and roses. During our nature walk, we collected lots of different leaves. We have then sorted them into groups based on their similarites and differences. We are currently setting up an investigation to find out if the biggest seeds grow into the biggest plants We will let you know what happens! 

Geography - The UK

In Geography, we have been learning about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland. We have used maps to locate them, and looked at the seas that surround our island. 

Our Outcome - We Made a Book! 

During this half term, we have been studying minibeasts in Art. We have watched videos of them, sketched them and used graphite pencils and oil pastels to complete observational drawings of them. Next, we learnt about the Artist Eric Carle. He became our inspiration four our final pieces of work. Using similar techniques, the children created lots of papers building up different patterns and textures with paint. They then used these papers to create collages of minibeasts. The children were so proud of their work, they wanted to show it off. One of their favourite books this term, has been looking at photographs of art in nature, so we decided to print our own book based on this. We are so excited to see them in print! Something for them to keep forever!